Accueil / What we offer

A variety of prefabricated products

State-of-the-art technology, know-how and commitment are at the origin of our current position in the prefabrication market in Tunisia.

Approved by STEG since our inception, we put at your disposal our know-how and a wide range of diversified products that, each time, can satisfy the needs of our more than 400 Tunisian customers.

Our products and prefabrication services

  • Prefabricated Cabins for Electrical Transformer Stations
  • Gaiters for the railways
  • Prefabricated concrete frames
  • Concrete bins
  • Toilet and shower cabins for the beach
  • Cottages

For the civil sector as for the industrial sector, our products and services aim to facilitate the tasks of our customers and contribute to their success. Cabs, frames, cottages or prefabricated bins, they have the main advantage of minimizing the costs of our customers. At the same time, the practicality and quality of our products are highly estimated by our clients, because they can still move the product after several years of use.

Our flagship prefabrication products and services

Our skill and our highly competent team allow us to offer a quality service with fast and timely delivery. Depending on the nature of the needs of our customers, POMARAF has today more than one flagship product:

  • Electrical transformation.
  • Bungalows
  • Security booths

Our bungalows are built of quality wood and according to French standards. Thus, they can be installed without constraint on the beach and in case of rain.

We offer a variety of models of prefabricated houses in Tunisia:

  • Housing for employees on construction sites
  • Chalet and bungalows of very high standing

Surfaces for prefabricated homes are 55m² but depending on demand, more spacious models can be designed for the client.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers by using a personalized service and a high technology.